Users of The Clean Blog WordPress theme, heads up !
A new theme based on Clean Blog by David Miller is born !
As you can see, for now ( September 2019 ), I’m using it on my own site.
UPDATED article on 11 October 2019.
The following link is for documentation.
I’ll submit it to WordPress repository in a few weeks.
For those who are wondering about the future of The Clean Blog, don’t !
Also in some weeks, I’ll be making some major improvements for the old one.
My advice for each and every one is to move from the old theme to the new one as soon as it will be available on WordPress repository !
I’ve merged the old theme and the new theme into one theme and will submit it as an update of the old one !

Why ?

Well because the new one is really a clean WordPress theme !
I can’t explain to users the reasons of such a decision, only developers will understand.
In short, the new theme is much more well coded and to be very honest is not bloated like the old one…
Users, like I was a long time ago, tend to search for themes with ‘cool’ functionalities to make their websites stand out without knowing the real cost (performance, accessibility, best practices, search engine optimization, and so on…) of the ‘bling-bling’ they are using…
Two years ago, when The Clean Blog was released, I was not aware of those critical facts and developed it with a user mindset…
Today, after two more years of diving, learning and improving, I can’t just sit back and let even a few hundreds of people use a bloated theme with a lot of ‘bling-bling’ functionalities !

So Now What ?!

Now, as a developer, I can only advise you to switch from the old one to the new one. But since it’s not already on WordPress repository and some updates will be made before submitting it, I’m not going to make the new theme downloadable from GitHub like I did with the old one ( a rookie mistake ).
So what should you do ?
If I were you, I’ll switch to Twenty Nineteen or any theme that suit my needs for now and Wait for the new version, Clean Blog, to be available on WordPress repository !
Yes, you are correctly reading my words !
As developers improve, they don’t feel shy or ashamed at all to point users in the right direction(s) for a better experience and a better Web even if this mean hours of developing are going to be wasted ( not really because we learn from our mistakes ) and gone with the wind…

Just update the old one !

This is what I did after a lot of consideration.
Well, by removing all the bells and whistles, users of The Clean Blog will be shocked and the appearance of their sites will slightly be modified.
Most users will be angry because they like it as it is and some of their precious time will be lost and they’ll have to configure everything again…
So to avoid all of that, I’ve made a fresh new theme, and will give gave the old one a deep coding management, keeping most of it’s functionalities ( yes some of them should absolutely be removed for many reasons… ) but with a much better code for the Web and the users experience.

Sorry… Not Really !

I’m not leaving users of The Clean Blog behind, I’ll be I’m improving their websites of The Clean Blog users !
I think that Making two themes for the same purpose is not a good idea.
Users are always free to switch from a theme to any other one, but for me, as a conscientious developer, I have to make the best decisions concerning my code for the web and the users experience…
So no, I’m not sorry at all 🤣 !

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