Designed by Styleshout, and ported to WordPress by LebCit,
KIS is a Responsive, Clean and Minimalist WordPress Theme,
designed primarily for blog sites.
The design focuses on content and typography.
It has a fully responsive design and looks great on all types of screens and devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile).

UPDATE 11 October 2019
Unfortunately, the designer did not gave me his authorization concerning the distribution, so I had to close this theme and prevent it from being added to the WordPress themes repository.
I’ll give a link to the GitHub repository of this WordPress theme after making some changes concerning the license and the code.

KIS is my second WordPress Theme after TCB.
I’ve build it using the original template, Underscores, and Headroom.js
KIS uses Kirki plugin to control some of the theme’s options.
KIS has the following tags :
blog, custom-background, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-logo, custom-menu, featured-images, flexible-header, footer-widgets, one-column, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready, two-columns, sticky-post

In the Customizer, after installing and activating Kirki, KIS offers a ton of options, some of theme are :
– Copyright Area (to modify the copyright)
– Footer Social Sites Links (Facebook, Twitter, G+, WP, email)
– Footer Widgets (go crazy) 🤣
– KIS Colors (to modify every color in the theme)
– Site Layout (fullwidth, content/right-sidebar, left-sidebar/content)

Following is an important note concerning the creation of a menu item link with children in the Header Menu.
If a menu item link will even have one child under it, the steps are :
1. Create a Custom Link
2. In URL type #
3. In Link Text type the label of your choice
4. Put children links under this custom link
5. Save your menu

I hope that WordPress users will like KIS and use it.
If you have any question(s)/suggestion(s), please don’t hesitate.
Comments are opened 😉

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