Designed by David Miller on Start Bootstrap and ported to WordPress by LebCit, The Clean Blog is a Responsive WordPress theme, carefully styled with Bootstrap, perfect for personal or company blogs.
A modern design with a subtle splash of color and a distraction free blog text optimized for legibility.

To understand why I’ve decided to modify the theme, please read this short article.

The menu

Users of the old theme will be surprised/shocked by the complete modification of the menu.
I can see questions coming, so I’ll be brief and go directly to the point.
A menu is an element to go from one location to another and have to be the same whatever is the device from a logical point of view, which was not the case in the old one…
The template is build upon Bootstrap, so why complicate things ?
I’ve used the built in Navbar of Bootstrap with a generous touch of JavaScript to make it a multilevel drop down menu.
Also, the menu is now completely editable from the Customizer.

Following is an important note concerning the creation of a menu item link with children.
If a menu item link will even have one child under it, the steps are :
1. Create a Custom Link
2. In URL type #
3. In Link Text type the label of your choice
4. Put children links under this custom link
5. Save your menu

Customizer’s options

I know that this will be a huge shock !
The old theme had tons and tons of options, while the new one has mainly four :
– Homepage Header Slider
– Featured Images Display
– Footer Social Sites Links
– Footer Copyright Area
Each option is fully documented inside the Customizer.
Of course, Customizer core options are their !

Concerning colors, I’ve decided to not include them for now, maybe some will be added, because with Gutenberg as an editor and the Additional CSS in the Customizer, users are able to modify them easily.
Also, Kirki is no more recommended as a plugin since the theme is using the Customizer core API.

The slider

Again, to use what is given by Bootstrap, I’ve used it’s Carousel.
At least I know that this one will not be dropped tomorrow…
Please use the slider only if you really need it !
Why ?
Because “carousels are generally not compliant with accessibility standards” as you can read in the documentation.

Site title / Carousel’s titles

The one and only plugin used in this new version of The Clean Blog is slabText !
You’ll notice the huge difference with your site title if it’s long or short.
I’ve also included the slabText effect in the Customizer so you can see the site title modifications as you type.

For the carousel’s titles, the modification takes place, one time only, when the slide come into view for two reasons :
1- the carousel’s items are hidden by default so the plugin can not see them on the first page load.
2- to resize them according to the screen.

The global design

The new version is more bold, more readable, more clear, more clean !
Right sidebar is now displayed by default in the content.
I’ll add later an option in the Customizer to change the layout as in the old version.

The footer

No need for a hidden footer, just for fun !
The footer is now displayed by default as it should be !

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